In the bake house

Well I mentioned the word cakes at work, just asking who liked nuts and who didn’t because there is a popular baking programme on the TV at the moment, then arrived this morning to a chorus of ‘Did you bring some cakes in?’ It was evident by their faces that they were disappointed, but I explained it wasn’t Friday yet and as far as tradition is in the workplace, people bring in cakes for
A) a charity cake sale fundraiser
B) it’s their birthday (never understood that one – surely it should be everyone else treating the birthday person to cake? When did that turn around from hey, why don’t you blow the candles out on your birthday cake to hey did you spend twenty quid on Krispy Creme doughnuts for everyone?
C) it’s the end of the week and the start of planning for the weekend, let’s treat ourselves to cake!
So my boss sent her boss out to buy cookies at four O’clock and they remained unopened when I left at 4:40. Another colleague ate two out of her packet of three Mars bars and another senior member of staff was complaining that the handbaked cakes from last Friday were ‘a bit dry’. Dropping hints or what?
I came home after collecting my daughter from the railway and taking her out for a bite to eat (we had chicken popsticker dumplings in chilli sauce) and it was around 10pm I started baking only to find the key ingredient – which I knew was in the fridge this morning – had been eaten. Someone (I can only guess who) ate the cooking chocolate.
I drove to the nearest late night gasoline store and managed to find two large bars of chocolate and then because they don’t like nuts at work substituted this for cornflakes.
Here is the mixture just about to go into the oven. What do you call Brownies with cornflakes in them? Are they still Brownies? I’ll call them chococorn bakes, just in case.


Hmmmm, they taste GOOD!!!


2 thoughts on “In the bake house

  1. But.. but.. nuts in brownies is awesome! Go you for making brownies anyway 🙂 I think that bringing in cake was turned around so that it wasn’t always the same people bringing in cake for almost everyone, and it means that if someone wants to ignore their birthday they can do…

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