Today was the start of my daughter’s art exhibition :-)

Dedicating today’s blog post to my daughter.
I am a very proud mum today. I helped my daughter set up her first official art exhibition of dogs and giraffes (interesting mix, I know). The pictures are mostly A2 and looked large in our living room but when they were hung on the gallery walls, they appeared to be much smaller! It was fantastic to see them all up together and have so many people turn up to the opening night. It felt like a party 🙂

When I spoke about her art at work to the group of architects, one lad disappeared for a moment and then reappeared with an Etch-a-sketch children’s toy to demonstrate his own artistic skills!

My daughter, who paints in coffee, is bubbling over with delight at the response she’s had tonight, including a commission just as the doors opened at 8pm. Tomorrow and Sunday she is artist in residence and will be meeting and greeting while drawing. She’s already got a plan for her next exhibition …

Last night we made cheese and paprika wheels (well, she grated the cheese) as we thought about finger food for this evening and I was going to take them into work, but forgot them (which meant having a nice treat when I got home). Here is a link to my daughter’s Facebook page
so you can see some of her amazing drawings and paintings, plus a picture of the cheese wheels. Have a fantastic weekend everyone 🙂