A new use for rusty nails, rounded teabags and leaves

The gelliplate is so versatile! Even rusty nails produce interesting prints (although I was careful not to push them in deep and gently used the brayer over the tops. The nails were flat on their edges, but a lovely burnt orange colour. I considered which coloured paints to use and where to position the nails.


This print incorporated a rounded teabag! I had to roller over the top really gently to avoid it bursting tea leaves onto the plate.
Then my OH decided to have a look and tried out his own print using kiddie bubble wands for texture and then making his first ghost print. Next on my list is to try and make one of my own gelliplates as I’d love a larger surface to explore the spaces on A4 paper further as not all of the leaves on this branch fitted onto my 6 x 6 plate.