Gelliplate lettering and text

Today I plunged in at the deep end and had a go at some text on the gelliplate. To do this so that it printed the correct way around, I wrote out the words on the back of an envelope with a fine point permanent marker then turned the envelope over. The pen was dark enough for me to read it from the other side and go over the outline of each letter.
I placed the reverse text beneath the gelli (you could also do this with glass or perspex or even an acetate sheet).

I’ve used a piece of lined paper to demonstrate how easy it is to read and go over the outline of lettering if you use a black felt pen.
Once the text is beneath the gelli in reverse, you can apply paint with a paintbrush, cotton bud or something which does not have a sharp point – you don’t want to damage the gelli – I applied my paint with the end of a paintbrush then tried it again with the brush end. Be aware that if you daub paint on thick, once you apply pressure by rubbing or rollering over the final printing paper, the paint will spread and you could lose some of the defining text.

This was one of the prints I took from the text ‘Birds on the Line’
Once I was sure it would work, I took texture from a sycamore leaf and two masks I cut in the shape of cute birds and then added the text last.

As I’m compiling a set of prints on birds this will be added to the collection. Finally this evening, I decided to have a go at a squirrel mask to celebrate autumn and the squirrels I’ve seen recently scurrying across the grass.