Autumn Journal prompt ‘date’

Today marks the 1st October and the start of an autumn artist’s journal guided by prompts from Myfanwy Hart over on her blog.
Apart from creating a mindmap using the word ‘date’ I considered the word within a word, namely ‘inundated’. At work, I’m inundated by chase ups, queries, questions and responses backed up by scrupulous record keeping, cataloguing and archiving. It’s more common – even an unspoken rule now to record everything … life has become evidence collecting. Some days this blog even, gets more traffic than others and I still find myself asking, ‘will I get any responses? Will people like my posts? Will I get a record of the most views to date on my blog so far?’
There are many questions that I still ask myself and it’s always refreshing to read comments that bloggers write after I’ve posted and those who like my work. Some of the experiences I’ve shared with bloggers since January have been very new to me and certainly take longer than five minutes to create such as the 39 Squares project which evolved as I went along. Each image was prompted by a tale or family anecdote and it was such fun to see the embroidery grow into something I wanted to hang up on my wall.
So, with the prompt ‘date’ I drew a little mouse alerting us to harvest and my preparation to take part in the marathon Nano writing month in November.



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