Gelliplate printed robin … Here’s how

Please note: all photographs are copyright
I drew out an outline sketch of a robin

Collected some leaves and cut out the robin from card

Added the paint and rollered it

Lifted the leaves off

Applied the paper over the gelliplate

Drew in detail of the robin and used water colour pencils and an Aqua brush pen



16 thoughts on “Gelliplate printed robin … Here’s how

  1. Thanks for that, brilliant! I do think a gelli plate must be on my Christmas list. Do you think Father Christmas also delivers inspiration Jacques, because that’s why your creations are so alive

    1. Glad my creativity inspires people, but don’t forget that you inspired me to have a go at calligraphy! I hope you like the next set of prints I’m planning right now …

  2. Jacques I found this process fascinating. Is the Gelli plate that big machine I saw, it looks like a kind of press. Where do you buy these things and are they very expensive. Love Mandy

    1. Hi Mandy. Thanks for stopping by! The Gelli plate is led down on the table. The large black object is my printing press; I won it at auction with my bid :-). They can be very expensive and it depends on what they’re made of.

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