A daisy book

9 squares of watercolour paper later and decorated with one of my poems

A little daisy book


Here is my daisy poem

On the banks of the Seine
Daisies dance and squabble
Swaying in the breeze;
Praying for some sun.
Prim faces cloaked up at night:
Several sun bleached white-creased clothes
Interlocked one by one
Unfold as rays shine down
So bees and butterflies can perch
And rest, singing their summer song.

To make one yourself:
Cut out nine equal sized squares

Fold diagonally

20141008-234744-85664072.jpg open out and turn over
Then fold in half straight across

Fold in half in the other direction then open out

Open out each square. Shape each petal using a card template
You can colour in the centre of the square yellow, if you just want to make it a flower

Fold each square like this

Glue the petals together on the quarters of the square which have no creases




4 thoughts on “A daisy book

    1. Thanks. You. Can fold it up into a smaller square and it stays in place if you use thinnish weighted paper. I used watercolour paper because I wanted to paint on it. Each section will open up to its full unfolded square for you to write on. I wrote on mine after glueing it together.

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