This evening we spent three and a half hours to get to our hotel, which according to the map was only forty minutes away…diversions and roadworks – what a nightmare! Thick fog also meant wrong turns and difficulty finding our route in a place we’d never been to before. I don’t know if people’s minds were also foggy on giving us directions because we asked five different people and they all gave us different directions.
One consolation, my twelve-year-old is enjoying a mug of hot chocolate in our hotel room now and it’s 10:50pm and the hotel room is bliss, but then, I think even the floor would have felt appealing after sitting in the car for so long on a wild goose chase.

The decor is lovely and calming in a mix of purples and brown…and at least we can have a lie in in the morning. So all you lovely people, a blog craft, photo or drawing will have to wait until tomorrow.

In the meantime

Here is a picture of my Sherlock hat as we had to do a bit of detective work today and tomorrow we will somehow have to find our way back! Have a great evening everyone 🙂


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