Lemon rose sponge cakes

I got up extra early this morning to bake some cakes for work. It’s becoming a weekly habit! Next week, I have a birthday cake to make.

Today I mixed up:
300gms /6oz of softened margarine
300gms /6oz of soft brown sugar

Then added 3 eggs and beat them into the mixture.

Gradually, I folded in 300gms of self-raising flour and half a lemon zest. Then I squeezed the juice into the mix and scooped enough mixture to fill twelve individual rose shaped cases. Before baking them in the oven, I squeezed equal amounts of lemon juice on the top of each.

They were baked at 175 degrees for approximately fifteen minutes (until they sprung back when I touched the tops).

It was torture driving to work with a box full of warm lemon flavoured sponges (oh and some pain au chocolat!). The smell of lemon was sublime! I managed to take photograph of the two I left at home for my daughter to eat because she opted for the pain au chocolat for breakfast rather than taking a sponge to school.



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