Rusts and oranges for autumn and salt for winter

It’s been a real challenge finding oak leaves in my area, yet I love the shapes they create in printing. I’m taking part in a Gelliprint leaf postcard swap and already had several printed a few weeks ago just as the leaves were falling. Now the leaves have gone crisp and are beginning to disintegrate because of either being trampled into the earth or through the persistent downpours we’ve experienced this week in the UK.
First up, I thought I’d showcase my Gelliprinted lion (details of how I printed this can be found on my other blog


Also this week, there was a discussion at work about grit containers for the roads. Every one we’ve seen have been yellow, but the people I work with don’t want a yellow container and would prefer a more contemporary grey. The main reason they’re yellow of course, is so that they’re visible!

I also belong to an Autumn Journal group led by Myfanwy Hart. Every day she has been prompting us with a word and on this occasion we had the prompt word ‘SEASON’. I considered the various options for this word such as the different seasons we go through and then decided on creating a snowflake out of rock salt from my kitchen. Salt as you know can be used for seasoning food, but also as a grit to dissolve ice on the roads. There’s a link with winter for you!

Not long after I took this photo our kitten walked all over the salt.


It’s currently autumn and here is one of my leaf prints from today. I managed to finally pick up some oak leaves, a bit damp, but usable, while out with my OH. During the week, I did take the country route home in search of some decent leaves and I saw sycamore after sycamore! It’s amazing what you notice when you are actually looking!

Then I chopped up some apples for this delicate print. The Gelli really does pick up the smallest texture and it’s exciting waiting to pull the paper back from the plate to see how the image has turned out 🙂


The print above is before any embellishments and is a lot larger than the sizes needed for postcards. I will be working on the postcard prints over the next few days quite probably to the sound of another downpour!


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