More rose cakes … Fresh strawberry this time :)

Ok, this is not a repeat post of my baking! Tonight I attempted what Mary Berry did on the Great British Bake Off and made my own piping bag and added a stripe of colour down the inside in the hope that my cake mix would have a swirl of pink in it. I made a few lemon roses (small and large this time) and added a stripe of red. I think there would have been more definition of colour if I’d used white refined sugar rather than soft brown, but I prefer the golden glow of these.

The swirl can just been seen beginning in the centre of the bottom rose, but I won’t be able to tell unless I cut through them. As these are for a colleague’s mother’s birthday, I hope she likes them.

The second batch I made included crushed up fresh strawberries. I had plenty of mixture to divide again between the cake moulds and these turned out a golden brown with a tinge of pink (I sampled a couple of the little ones, just to make sure the were OK!). Then my twelve year old and I had a go at shaping some leaves to help bring out the colour of the sponges and the shapes of the roses.

I think my daughter enjoyed the painting experience but disappeared rapidly at the sight of the washing up!


We have quite a batch now – I wonder of the guys at work will sneak into the kitchen and ‘rob’ a few!?



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