Getting organised!

This evening, the desk in my son’s freshly painted room was set up and while he’s at university, I’m making good use of it! I set the sewing machine up and finally got around to creating some origami bags out of the fabrics I bought when we visited my son up north. Fabric is sold by the kilo. To me, this was unusual as I am more familiar with fat quarters and fabric by the metre 🙂

There was enough to split the stash and give my mum some – not sure what she will create out of her lot, but I hope to find out when I catch up with her in the week. She knows I’m making items to sell at a craft stall on 15th November, so perhaps she will be able to contribute to the fundraiser in some way…

Nikon decided to watch me sew and now and again would run off with a strip of material!

My fabric envelope turns onto a cute origami bag (there is an earlier blog post of how I made them, if you’d like to find out and have a go yourselves).

This one of my favourite fabrics – retro telephones. I wish I’d bought more of it now…

This is a bag I made a few months ago.
What I like about these origami bags is that when you turn them around the right way you can opt to have several layered pockets on one side or keep it even with pockets both sides. The fabric I bought in Bolton is perfect for bags too as it’s quite stiff and therefore keeps its shape.


One thought on “Getting organised!

  1. Fabric by the kilo doesn’t sound like it makes sense, but that might just be because I’m so used to fat quarters etc. I suppose yarn is sold by weight too, and nobody thinks that’s odd!

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