Back to work!!!

Hi all! Hope you had a lovely Christmas/seasonal break. I unfortunately spent most of it ill from a stomach bug … Not much fun, especially when having to drive for over two hours with eldest so she could see her boyfriend … and today is back to work day!

Anyway, to mark the fact I’m feeling a bit better, despite missing virtually all the festivities, I embarked on making a hand cut rubber stamp. This involved using a gift from my DH for my birthday nine days ago.

I first sketched an outline of houses, taking my inspiration from Copenhagen and the colourful buildings, on the 2″ x 1″ eraser and then selected the smallest gauge lino cutter from my box.


I did this while watching the daftness of James May messing around with action man figures and sindy dolls ….

I then cut around the houses for more definition


Meanwhile, Nikon was up to her antics again. She really does like climbing the Christmas tree!



After rescuing the cat, who didn’t want to come out of the tree, I applied a thin layer of acrylic paint. Here’s one of the first impressions from my rubber stamp.

20141229-071839-26319206.jpg as the print is tiny, I used a black fine-nibbed pen to add further detail to the windows.

Now … I’d better get up, de-ice the car and head out to the office. Take care everyone if you’re out and about in the snow and ice and stay warm xx


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