Facts and Evidence

My first drawing was of a pair of shoes … They’re made of velvet and I bought them just before Christmas (in the sale) for £4!

The drawing reminded me of a couple of real stories – hope you can read them on the journal page. As a kid, I watched a programme called Indelible Evidence. It showed how a criminal was brought to justice just because he had an unusual bite. He’d taken a bite out of an apple and tossed it away. The partially eaten apple became the evidence. As children, part of growing up is testing boundaries and seeing what you can or cannot get away with. Children worry about getting told off or having items confiscated due to their behaviour. Being a teacher has shown me the many excuses children try out when they fail to bring their homework in: one told me his house burnt down. Have you ever used an excuse as a child why you didn’t do your homework? I confess, I often left mine to the last minute. I remember being asked to make a 3D junk clock. Reluctantly, I scrabbled around the house and selected a few items such as a cereal box and the lid of of the toothpaste. Randomly, I glued the pieces on and created something that vaguely could be called a clock. Feeling sheepish, I handed it over to my tutor and looked at the floor so he couldn’t see my expression. Odd that something I rushed together was praises. All I wanted to do was chuck it in the trash!
One of the stories in my new journal tells about the time my daughter did do her homework only for her sister to sabotage it! I’ve witnessed pranks being made by adults for adults and enjoyed playing the game Balderdash. My youngest played this game over the festive break and invented a whole new currency: stirfry!
One is about a man my mum worked with many years ago who had very large feet and was the only male worker in a catering department. He liked playing with flour and generally made very clumsy attempts at cooking. The other tales are about my youngest – she loves drawing. Enjoy! I’ll leave the Kitkat story to your imagination!



6 thoughts on “Facts and Evidence

  1. It’s amazing hearing other people’s stories of school life – I never tire of it. I’ve watched my youngest get creative on re-writing her homework brief (after doing the homework set) because she wanted to make it more exciting!

  2. It must be so interesting to be a teacher and hear all of the excuses! I used to be really good and do my homework on the day I got it but now I’m not so good! I use the same excuses, I’m the goody goody normally so I find it hard to lie, but knowing that some subjects I won’t do next year (I’m year 9) I don’t mind getting told off as much but I do hate being told off. I think it’s because I’m used to always being a good student!
    Isabelle xx

    1. I hope you have found it easy to choose which subjects to do or not do for next year. Sometimes it’s difficult when you’re not sure which career path you want to take. Wishing you all the best with your subject choices 🙂

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