Win a copy of my book and enjoy a spot of colouring at the same time!


Hi everyone :-). I’m running a little competition over on my facebook page and thought you guys might be interested in having a go too. Kids might even like to join in (you’re welcome to enter on their behalf)!

instructions can be found via the above link, but basically it’s a free giveaway.  I did a quick doodle of a kingfisher,o which I’m giving people permission to print off and colour :-).image

It would be fab to see lots of colour combinations and perhaps added doodles, so I’ve asked if people could share their colored pieces.  This has no reflection on who will win as I will enter people and use a random name generator to pick the winner.  Just thought how lovely it would be for colour to be splashed across facebook and WordPress :). If you’d like to take part via WordPress and be in with a chance of winning a copy of my limited edition paperback pocketbook of doodles and Zentangles, please link back to this page and comment that you’re joining in.

You have until Sunday April 19th to enter and I’ll announce the winner the following week 🙂

Have a super time colouring.  Can’t wait to see your pictures

Jacques xx


Ok, it’s been a while!

I’ve been away on holiday you see, soaking up some much needed sunshine in Cornwall. We had limited access to wi-fi and so I made the most of the break away from technology and drew, doodled

and watched my youngest paint a picture of a labrador puppy.
Then of course, like all holidays, they eventually come to an end :-(. I had to play catch-up at work and still slot in some me and family time. So what have all you lovely people been up to? Have you been glancing across the road for the first buds of spring? I spotted snowdrops this week and suddenly daffodils are shooting up on the verges. My favourite season: spring! Excited! Not only do I wait in anticipation of the appearance of flowers and blossoms, but some gorgeous leaves that I will be able to print from.
Anyway, for today’s WordPress post, I’m going to share with you some photographs of my little getaway trip to Cornwall to accompany one of my drawings from my time away – hope you like them.

This was a hidden underground pool found in a disused slate mine – isn’t it wonderful?

For literature fans – we visited Jamaica Inn, the setting for one of Daphne du Maunier’s novel of the same name. According to some people, there are parts of the inn which are haunted and when we toured the adjoining museum we were treated to memorabilia by the author and details of smuggling that took place over the centuries across Cornwall.
As well as taking a sip of a cool drink, we were able to watch a fifteen minute video about the history of the inn and surrounding areas.

One of many smugglers’ caves … This one was found at Polperro. When we weren’t exploring caves, we played around with our shadows. Even though it was February half term, the weather was glorious 🙂


Interesting then that we returned home to snow, sleet and rain making it feel all the more real that we’ve been away on holiday 🙂

Printing with sweetcorn

OK, I’ve tried printing with apples, peppers, leaves, buttons, feathers and various garage paraphernalia such as nails, washers, wire mesh and even cutlery, so why not corn on the cob?

The great thing about printing with corn on the cob is that it acts and feels like a textured rolling pin! Rolling it over the paint in the gelliplate pushes the paint away from the plate and onto the cob, leaving a lighter coloured pattern against the darker background. I like this texture almost as much as bubblewrap impressions and it’s made me look at the grocery store in a whole new light!

This is the impressions made without any added embellishments, stencils or further textures.

This is the sort of effect you can achieve by adding simple spirals and different layers of colour.


A Drawing a Day …

Today my son returned to university. It’s a day mixed with pride and also has a strong emotional tug. I remember well the day I left home – I’d prepared what was known as ‘a bottom drawer’ up in the attic: a collection of pots, plates, cups, cutlery and an assortment of other household items saved for the very moment of moving out. It was different to the moment my son first set off back in September. I got married instead. University came much later and after the arrival of three children. It’s never easy saying goodbye but it is easier keeping in touch now with the use of Skype, instant messagings, texting and emails. We’re wired like birds sitting on the line connecting two telegraph poles. Despite the miles separating us, there is always a virtual hug close at hand, a smiley emoticon or a ringtone alert on the phone. Hopefully, four months won’t seem so long as it does right now… the house is very quiet.


Gelliplate printed robin … Here’s how

Please note: all photographs are copyright
I drew out an outline sketch of a robin

Collected some leaves and cut out the robin from card

Added the paint and rollered it

Lifted the leaves off

Applied the paper over the gelliplate

Drew in detail of the robin and used water colour pencils and an Aqua brush pen


Gelliplate lettering and text

Today I plunged in at the deep end and had a go at some text on the gelliplate. To do this so that it printed the correct way around, I wrote out the words on the back of an envelope with a fine point permanent marker then turned the envelope over. The pen was dark enough for me to read it from the other side and go over the outline of each letter.
I placed the reverse text beneath the gelli (you could also do this with glass or perspex or even an acetate sheet).

I’ve used a piece of lined paper to demonstrate how easy it is to read and go over the outline of lettering if you use a black felt pen.
Once the text is beneath the gelli in reverse, you can apply paint with a paintbrush, cotton bud or something which does not have a sharp point – you don’t want to damage the gelli – I applied my paint with the end of a paintbrush then tried it again with the brush end. Be aware that if you daub paint on thick, once you apply pressure by rubbing or rollering over the final printing paper, the paint will spread and you could lose some of the defining text.

This was one of the prints I took from the text ‘Birds on the Line’
Once I was sure it would work, I took texture from a sycamore leaf and two masks I cut in the shape of cute birds and then added the text last.

As I’m compiling a set of prints on birds this will be added to the collection. Finally this evening, I decided to have a go at a squirrel mask to celebrate autumn and the squirrels I’ve seen recently scurrying across the grass.


Swan gelliprint




The swan sketch I did yesterday enabled me to cut a mask for the next bird print for a book I’m putting together of gelliprints. In this print I’ve used dry grasses from my garden instead of leaves and part of a log which was sliced down the centre into a strip of wood so that the grain shows through. I also gently rollered over the newsprint so that my print would pick up some of the rippled in the newsprint paper once it became wet. The texture gives the impression of feathers and folds in the swan’s open wing.
The print shown is half the size of the other ones I’ve blogged, but I’m happy with that 🙂

Mixed Media bird prints

I wasn’t feeling in a particularly creative mood when I got home from work today. Why? A five litre tin of ‘contemporary’ cream paint exploded in the back of my car in the footwell of the passenger seats. It took three of us almost three hours to mop up the paint spillage and now my charcoal grey carpet is a little on the lighter shade of grey! I may laugh about this experience in a few years time, but I could have cried. The paint was for my son’s room, which we planned to decorate while he’s at university.
I disappeared into my printing shed to let off some steam. Maybe pummelling out some paints on a gelliplate would help and a play around with leaves from my garden.
I made a mask from scrap paper for the birds so that I’d have a blank space in the shape of birds; I’m pleased with the results, which took my mind momentarily off the earlier painting experience.



Lunchtime sketch

With only 30 mins for lunch, I only had time to do a bit of creativity today and am really tired this evening. It must be down to all that baking I did yesterday for MacMillan! Still, my UFO cakes were a great success as were the spicy sausage rolls made by a colleague. We had Welsh cakes, marshmallow cakes and a huge coffee and walnut sponge.
So, here’s my ten minute sketch