Eighth pair of wristies

What do you do when the car’s in for repairs, an MOT or service? Shopping? Visit a cafe? Stay in the garage workshop and wait? Well today, we had a product recall on our family car. Driving there in the snow, the DH and I chatted about tomorrow’s party and wondered whether the snow would settle this time.
The car was booked in for an hour, so my DH and I went to buy some school sports socks for my daughter – her pair had mysteriously fallen out of her bag after a sports lesson on Friday. She also broke her zip on her school skirt and therefore it needed a new zip. We then didn’t need much persuasian to sit in the cafe and nope, I couldn’t just sit there, could I?

I wrist-knitted this scarf in between sips of cappuccino using wool that was in the reduced box. Then I headed home with the repaired car and tried out a new crochet pattern for my next pair of wristies 🙂

I’ve not done zig-zags before, so I’m pleased with the result 🙂

Tiny trees and tiny silhouette people

Anyone else like trees? I drive past them in winter and try and imagine their branches being limbs and the trunks being the body. I love the fact that they look so magically different during each season and how beautiful they seem when cloaked in a fresh layer of snow. Autumn colours of fallen leaves surround the trunks and carpet the ground like rainbow snow from a distance and blooms from spring blossom always make a great photographic opportunity.

So this evening I had fun carving out a rubber stamp tree using an everyday eraser, then doodling silhouettes of people sitting in them, lying under them reading or painting by an easel. Can you spot them?


I might try this handmade stamp on a sheet for wrapping paper next – it’s my mother’s birthday in a couple of weeks. I thought I’d make her a pair of gloves. I’ve also just crocheted my seventh pair of gloves since Christmas Eve! They’ve become a bit more elaborate since my first pair, using my own pattern, so I hope she will like the pair I plan to give her 🙂
This is my latest pair – complete with a ruffle …


Do you like to receive handmade gifts? What’s the best one you’ve received/or the most special? My mother-in-law (much to my DH’s embarrassment) has a handmade snowman using cotton wool balls and a cardboard tube which makes an appearance every year. Obviously it’s very dear to her. For me, it’s the early drawings of my children, such as a cat my eldest drew when she was 3 1/2 years old. She’d captured our tabby, Samson with giant claws and drew him dressed in rainbow stripes. Delightful 🙂

Wristies – made in an evening

OK, hi everyone! Yesterday was my birthday and what better way to spend it than my DH and daughter taking me to my favourite craft store (with its very own cafe) for breakfast with my son home from uni)?
While we ate, I glanced at the rainbow selection of wool stacked from floor to ceiling and racks of ribbons in every colour under the sun :-). There were yarn bombs decorating the indoor pillars and a delicious variety of books to suit beginners and experts alike. So, what did I buy?
My youngest child wanted me to crochet her some wristies (she’d seen the ones I made earlier in the week). She chose some wool – blue flecked with silver and a grey for the stripe. While she browsed, I flicked through the books. One caught my eye and made me giggle: a book on pipe cleaner pets! Not seen one on that before! I resisted buying the book – for now – but for anyone interested in trying a new craft … It’s also available on Amazon:
Maybe this is something to try next year on Squarebird?
I then found some pretty pink and grey yarn which was perfect for my friend. This evening, after watching the indoor sparklers flicker on my birthday cake (bought for me by the colleague I’d made the red wristies for earlier), I crocheted another pair of wristies for my friend.

20141221-044310-16990184.jpg (photo by my daughter)
Now onto making some for my daughter!



When a colleague asked me to crochet or knit her a pair of wristies and gave me free reign over colours/style and pattern, I checked out a number of patterns and basically it evolved from 38 chain. I modelled the size around my own wrist and hand length. She hasn’t seen them yet (I said I’d have them ready by Friday), so hope she likes them now they’re finished. I enjoyed making them so much, I’m going to make myself a pair!

The wristies consisted of mainly trebles, so the pattern grew quickly – if I’d opted to do some knitting, they could well be waiting until after Christmas!

Doodling on a print

Yesterday I picked up a crocheted doily because I liked the texture and wanted to see what it came out like as a print.
I needed to apply a considerable amount of paint to start with, but was pleased with how these came out.


This inspired me to start doodling in the gaps starting from the middle – quite relaxing on a Sunday afternoon 🙂


A new crochet hook

Just posting something I was doing yesterday – a work in progress. I started this round of crochet a few days ago and the needle snapped. My lovely husband bought me a new set and I managed to do a bit more of my project. Today, however I’ve been suffering from an excruciating migraine, causing me to be in bed for most of the day and I’ve been avoiding computer screens. Apologies for not sharing a new craft, but my body said no today!


Yarn Bombing!

As some of you are aware, I knitted and crocheted some flowers (roses) when I read about ‘yarn bombing’ and people were being urged to help take part in producing lots of flowers!  Well, today I drove twelve miles in search of a special Easter outdoor event in some beautiful grounds and these are just some of the pictures from it.  Next month sees a number of ‘unusual’ festivities happening near us and includes the flowers people have been knitting plus the possibility of an installation of a 90 metre waterslide filled with washing up liquid and water (of course).  My son’s registered for a ticket  … if he gets selected he will get one go on the slide.





Yarn Bombing in Bath for charity

Yarn Bombing … A crocheted or knitted rose for charity March 2014

Next week there are workshops in Bath City Centre to knit or crochet a rose – there is a free pattern/tutorial available at http://www.emmaleith.co.uk/category/tutorials for people who can’t get to Bath to have a go at home and make a rose for charity.  According to the article in the paper available at:

http://www.bathchronicle.co.uk/Knit-rose-Bath-Fashion-raise-money-charity/story-20677102-detail/story.html completed roses need to be in by 30th April and can be handed in at the following places or posted to Emma herself.

Wool, 19 Old Orchard St, Bath, or Great British Yarns, Unit 9, Brassmill Enterprise Centre, Brassmill Lane, Bath.  UK.  or Emma Leith at White Cottage, Devizes Road, Box, Wiltshire.  SN138DY

I thought I’d have a go …

Here are a couple I crocheted this morning following Emma’s tutorial 🙂