Haiku noughts and crosses

The cross is a kiss
For every blocked nought you play.
Let’s count it a draw!



Haiku for 2015

New memo to self:
Turn a house into a home:
Personalise it.


How many different words can you think of for house or home or living accommodation? If you were asked to draw a house, what would it look like? Would it look like a square with four evenly spaced windows and a door set centrally?
If you were thinking of buying or renting are you drawn to the actual name of the address or the house name? My uncle used to live in a bungalow called Cobwebs and its front door had a stained glass image of a spider’s web, while my father-in-law named his house ‘Hardgraft’ because he bought the biggest house he could and then worked many hours to pay for it!
Here’s a list I’ve come up with and each carries a different story (it may prompt you into some poetry writing!)…

Residential home
Stately home
Nursing home
Tree house
Studio flat

Can you think of any more?

Communicating – a haiku


Its hit the bullseye:
A central hub on radar
Pulsing waves to shore.

(Communicating with my two children who have headed off to uni has been challenging this weekend with broken or lost signals and sending blank messages. This image I took of a section of a tree today inspired me to write a haiku about improved communication as we travelled home after dropping our middle child off to university for the first time and we were able to call him properly after a five hour drive.)




The voice is silent

but the gesture speaks volumes:

an act of kindness.


Today has been special.  I received an amazing response from a work colleague.  It was a simple gesture – I gave her a hand-printed bookmark.  It bowled her over and she kept it on view on her desk for most of the day and even showed the managing director!  I was taken aback.  There have been many a time I’ve created something and it’s ended up hidden in a drawer somewhere for years.  It has taken guts and a bit of audacity to post my creativity and showcase it through a blog; through Pinterest and on Facebook.  There have been times when I’ve considered removing  posts of my writing, my photography and my craft efforts.  Then I read the lovely comments that people have posted and I’m inspired again … to keep going.  So thank you bloggers who’ve liked my posts and those who’ve taken the time to write.  I appreciate every one that is uplifting, kind, thoughtful, generous …

I’ve mentioned on here before that I’m not that confident in the kitchen.  I’ve avoided baking in the past.  It stems from growing up in a household where there’s a qualified chef!  However, I took the step recently to bake cakes and take them into work.  The reaction is immense.  The smiles on my colleagues faces are enough for me to go and do it again.  The famous saying, ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’.  How true that has become.  The chococorn bakes I made last night were a success.  The cornflakes stayed crispy and people went back for seconds and thirds!  I’ve seen joy at work today and I’ve felt the joy to.  That feeling that bubbles up like little butterflies and makes your cheeks tingle as you too begin to smile.

My kitten has also brought much joy to the home, yet she doesn’t want to curl up on your lap and sleep.  Yet, any excuse, and she’s purring or playing.  She made no exception even for the sunflowers in my kitchen. I love this photograph of Nikon and was eager to share it.  My son would be critical of the lighting or the exposure.  He’d find something to say about it that I hadn’t quite got right (but then he’s off to uni and he did this week get the top grade in his exam results). He hasn’t seen this image yet, so I’m going to post it here as I’m in a celebratory mood: my son got the grades he needed for university; I’ve started a new job; my husband has finished painting my studio and laid the flooring; I’ve taken part in my first postcard print swap that I organised, and my daughter came home last night and told me she survived a car crash which happened…

DSC05054 DSC05056 DSC05058 DSC05060 DSC05049

…on Monday.  What a week!  Have a fantastic weekend everyone.  Watch this space for a new free giveaway coming soon to celebrate 5000 hits on this blog!