Win a copy of my book!

Hi guys and gals 🙂

Recently, I was delighted to receive limited edition copies of my doodle books and I’d like to offer you, yes you, the chance to win a copy!
The competition giveaway is running on my facebook page and it would be lovely if you popped over there and said hi.

all you have to do to be in the chance of winning is to ‘like’ my page by following the link above and comment on the pinned post ‘WIN book’ followed by your name.  Closing date for entries is Sunday 26th April 2015.  I’ll then select 1 winner who will receive a copy of my pocket doodle ink book!



Win a copy of my book and enjoy a spot of colouring at the same time!


Hi everyone :-). I’m running a little competition over on my facebook page and thought you guys might be interested in having a go too. Kids might even like to join in (you’re welcome to enter on their behalf)!

instructions can be found via the above link, but basically it’s a free giveaway.  I did a quick doodle of a kingfisher,o which I’m giving people permission to print off and colour :-).image

It would be fab to see lots of colour combinations and perhaps added doodles, so I’ve asked if people could share their colored pieces.  This has no reflection on who will win as I will enter people and use a random name generator to pick the winner.  Just thought how lovely it would be for colour to be splashed across facebook and WordPress :). If you’d like to take part via WordPress and be in with a chance of winning a copy of my limited edition paperback pocketbook of doodles and Zentangles, please link back to this page and comment that you’re joining in.

You have until Sunday April 19th to enter and I’ll announce the winner the following week 🙂

Have a super time colouring.  Can’t wait to see your pictures

Jacques xx

Still time to enter – free Christmas Giveaway!

Entries are being accepted up until midnight Friday 12th December. Thanks everyone who has entered so far – mostly on Facebook:
Tgis is just to remind you that entries are accepted here on WordPress too. All you have to do is comment on whether the limited edition print will be for you or a gift before the deadline tomorrow. Good luck.
Here’s a reminder of the prize:


Lino print hare and free Christmas giveaway

Hi and welcome to my blog, if this is the first time you’ve come across squarebird :-). Hello to all newcomers and old friends in the bloggesphere.

Today marked the day when work put up the Christmas tree and so I decided to run a Christmas free giveaway! I’m also promoting this on my
Facebook page: and my printing blog at

First let me show you the actual lino cut I sketched out and cut this evening, then I’ll show it to you inked up for the first time. Finally, I’ll show you the limited edition lino-gelli print you have the chance of winning for yourself or a friend.


I chose to do a hare simply because I like nature and the hare is almost an iconic feature in the UK.

Once inked up with black, I found that I liked how the brown from the lino showed through against the acrylic paint.


Finally, I began to play around with a Gelliprinted background and then printed the hare over the top.


To win, all you have to do is comment after this blog post (or on my facebook page using the above link and commenting under the hare post) whether you would like to win it for yourself or if it will be a gift for someone. Entries will be accepted up until midnight Friday 12th December -all time zones and I will announce the winner (chosen at random) on Saturday.

Good luck everyone and thanks for stopping by 🙂

A further update on National Novel Writing Month …

My progress chart … This is one of the reasons why I like taking part: there’s a word counter which informs you how many more words are left to go.

Although I’ve not been posting a craft daily this month, I’ve been busy beavering away at the keyboard and creating my first draft of a novel; working overtime at work and being a mum! Hope you lovely people who take time to visit my blog are all well and I promise there will be some more handicrafts in the run up to Christmas including a fun giveaway. Yay! 🙂

Cat tummy rub photo challenge and more pics of Nikon :-)


Well, as I’m running a free contest for pet owners having the chance to win a portrait of their pet (stippled dot drawing or linoleum (lino) cut limited edition print, I thought I’d add a fabulous photo of my kitten, Nikon who loves a bully rub and enjoys running off with anything – socks, tights, drinking straws, lettuce leaves and our rabbit, Pom Pom’s carrots!

Details on how to enter can be found via this link

Here are few images of Nikon’s antics (oh, that reminds me of another little story.  I’ll tell you all about it after showing you these piccies of her)


Nikon enjoying her tummy rub 🙂   There is more about this photo challenge here: 


I went out into the garden for a few minutes and on my return she had done this!  She had so much fun with this toilet roll and made a nest for herself!

Dotty drawing and ten minute sketch

A quick ten minute sketch in the office inspired me to draw in dots a more substantial drawing
As I’ve just announced a new contest giveaway calling for pets to draw and the prize winner gets to keep a picture of their pet, I thought I’d also mention that if you’d rather have a stippled dot drawing of your pet as a prize rather than a lino print, then please comment below and send me a photo of your pet to with ‘pet sketch contest entry’ in the subject line and state whether lino print or dot. Here is an example of one of my stippled drawings all done in fine dots! I hope it inspires you to enter. Entries to the contest closes at midnight on Friday 22nd August (all time zones).



The June Giveaway! Would you like to own this bear? Free to enter!

Ok. Here we have it then! The June free giveaway contest 🙂
Would you like to give this bear a home?

To enter all you need to do is add a comment below on this blog page stating what you would call this little handstitched bear and where he will live. I would also like the winner to agree to send me a photo of the winning bear on holiday so he can be known as the globe trotting travel bear. 🙂
This bear needs a loving home, but I want to stress he is not a toy nor suitable for young children. He has jointed arms and legs and is made out of felt and patterned fabric.

To give you the idea of size of the bear please look at the bear next to a measure in centimetres.

Closing date for entries is 25th June to allow all times zones to enter. I will randomly select the winner from the bank of entries after that date. All the best … And have fun!

Finally, please read the rules – there aren’t many as it would be great to have as many entries as possible (so if you have a friend who loves bears, maybe encourage them to enter as well and perhaps if they won you could take the bear on many adventures (hee hee!).

Last reminder call for entries – spiral foxy notebook giveaway

Just one last reminder.  Entry to my spiral notebook giveaway ends soon!


Picture screen capture from The Metro newspaper dated 17.4.14

While I wait for the final entries to come flooding in, here are a few more 9cm teddies I’ve been making!