A Boat?  In the woods?  

A boat in the woods?


On the outskirts of a busy city lies an area of National Trust woodland.  Yesterday, it would appear that half the city had decided on visiting the woods.  Was it the burst of sunshine?  Was it the draw of an unusual, quirky art installation?  Was it because parents were at a loss of what to do with their children that didn’t involve spending money?  I saw one irate lady trying to stop her two children bickering in the back of her car while she awkwardly reattached the bicycle rack and her son’s push bike to the rear of her car after a day out!

The art installation was bang in the centre of the woodland and, despite wearing white plimsoles and it being muddy, I got away with keeping my footwear remarkable clean as I dodged the crowds to get photographs of the boats without people obstructing the view.  I tried my best!








Summer Journal … Day 5

Today’s prompt for July 5th by Myfanwy Hart was to respond to ‘What do you prefer?’ This was to make a statement about media preferences.  Now, if I was going to decide whether I prefer watching a film to reading a book, I would have to say the book comes tops every time.  Just like a book has to hook me within the first few pages or it lays discarded, a film has to grab my attention.  More often than not, I give up half way through, much to the annoyance of other family members, especially when weeks later, they may watch the same film and I will comment on a section and say, ‘I haven’t seen this before’! They will argue and say, ‘Yes, you have.’ What they really mean is, they’ve seen it and even spot the errors, the stray microphone, the skid marks in a desert from a previous shoot etc and therefore, I must have picked up on this too.

I do enjoy a bit of Sherlock drama (the movies and the TV series).  I also like books which have clear sections in them so that I can return to them several days or even weeks later and still find my place.  I prefer hard copies of books over ebooks too.  One thing I had to free myself on was underlining and adding notes in text books during my university days – harder to do this with ebooks – and I can still hear my dad shouting in my ear, ‘turn those pages from the corner and don’t crease the page!’  He taught me to protect books from a very young age.  Apparently there was a way to have your palm facing up and allowing it to glide against the back of the page before turning it over.

For my summer journal page, I decided to not only write on labels what I prefer in media ie newspaper over novel or film over Youtube and so on, but I also encouraged my OH, son and youngest daughter to take part too.  These were then attached to four bendy straws to make the appearance of a hat stand (of course), because as you may recall,  my perfect day would be heading out to a boat on the river armed with a sketchbook and some jazz music playing in the background.