Doodling bunnies

Today, I glanced out of the window at work to a field that usually has three horses nibbling the grass.  By mid-afternoon, the horses had vanished and ten wild rabbits ‘binkied’, hopped and sniffed around.  Every one of them was a character that I could bring into a story.  However, having just got a baby bunny rabbit two weeks ago, I can’t stop drawing her!  She hops up and down from the sofa, scoots around my rainbow rug and loves having the run of the lounge!  

She is going to be a character in my children’s story I’m writing, so I guess, the more I sketch her, the better!  Can’t wait to do the proper illustrations, but first I’m jotting down the bones of the story.  Maybe I should start a new blog dedicated to the adventures of Willow.



Sneak a peak at my next project: a children’s picture book

Morning everyone. I’ve finally got round to making a start on a long term project – my children’s book and thought you guys might want a sneak preview of the cover as a WIP 😀


Still a long way to finishing this and need to add a splash of colour, but I thought it an apt time to share. The story is based on a nickname my children gave me when they were little 😉

Best wishes xx

Win a copy of my book!

Hi guys and gals 🙂

Recently, I was delighted to receive limited edition copies of my doodle books and I’d like to offer you, yes you, the chance to win a copy!
The competition giveaway is running on my facebook page and it would be lovely if you popped over there and said hi.

all you have to do to be in the chance of winning is to ‘like’ my page by following the link above and comment on the pinned post ‘WIN book’ followed by your name.  Closing date for entries is Sunday 26th April 2015.  I’ll then select 1 winner who will receive a copy of my pocket doodle ink book!


Swan gelliprint




The swan sketch I did yesterday enabled me to cut a mask for the next bird print for a book I’m putting together of gelliprints. In this print I’ve used dry grasses from my garden instead of leaves and part of a log which was sliced down the centre into a strip of wood so that the grain shows through. I also gently rollered over the newsprint so that my print would pick up some of the rippled in the newsprint paper once it became wet. The texture gives the impression of feathers and folds in the swan’s open wing.
The print shown is half the size of the other ones I’ve blogged, but I’m happy with that 🙂

Handmade Spiral-fold ‘poetree’ book

To develop my passion in making my own books and also to plan a series of workshops for students beyond the English lessons, I decided to try my hand at a spiral-fold book. As this was my first attempt I used 60 gsm weighted A3 paper for the inside and 270 gsm weighted card for the covers. The tree was cut out using a sharp craft knife and then glued to a darker card colour. I’d like to later have a go with coating the outside covers with fabric.