Marbling fun is for adults too :-)

Happy Easter everyone .. Or just plain happy weekend :-).  Today, I finally got out the marbling kit and played around with gorgeous inks.  The cat, as usual got in the way because she wanted to be in on it too!

I’m taking part in an international ATC swap, so I set to work on ten ATC cards and then began to doodle on each card.  The shapes gave me inspiration and I was able to incorporate some of the ‘bubble’ patterns into the designs. The colour pallette is impressive.  Each droplet from the pipette left a clean colour and didn’t murk the marbling floater solution.

imageMy DimageH is hoping to trial some wooden handles in the solution next week.  I tried clothes pegs with varying results.

reminder to self: next time, read the instructions!

Origami Envelopes

Hi everyone!
Apart from a bit of baking this morning (I made rock cakes), I made a couple of origami envelopes from an A4 sheet of paper. Most origami I’ve done had involved using squares, so this is a little different.

I’m currently putting together a step by step tutorial on how to do this, so watch this space if you want to find out how it’s done and have a go yourself!

The envelope is just big enough to hold a playing card or two and is perfect for those of you who’d like to send out ATCs – artist trading cards.

I’ve used some hand printing paper for this. Hope you like it 🙂

This is the front

This is the back.

Here are my tasty cherry rock cakes I baked this evening 🙂


Mini books – a shed load of colour!


I decided to make a miniature watercolour book this evening. Here is the start of it

And now the stitching is done, I need to find a suitable cover

Then I can have a go at using this Pentel Aqua pen/brush (which I think is awesome as I won’t need to carry a pot of water around with me when I go out tomorrow collecting autumn leaves for my next printing project 🙂

Beach Huts and Houses Heat-Fused Collage

Beach Huts and Houses heat fused fabric collage

Several layers of fabric, pieces of envelope; a magazine; card stock; strips of paper and blue foil fused with heat.  This is what I produced :


Be Creative Weekend – March


Last weekend, I took part in another of ‘Creating Something Everyday’s Be Creative Weekends’. If you would like to take part in the next one have a look at the link here.

Here are some of the results from the weekend including my first go at freehand sewing machine embroidery on an ATC (Artist Trading Card) which is 2.5″ x 3.5″ in size and some postcards I made for the swap with others in the group.  There is no obligation to do all the prompts.  We could choose the ones we felt inspired by or spend 15 minutes or so creating.  Many of the tasks took less time than others, such as colouring in a completed suduko using a colour code for each selection of numbers.
I hope you enjoy some of the work I produced during that weekend and it inspires you to want to join in the next one 







Some of my results from the weekend have been put on separate posts on my blog such as a Haiku, so I encourage you to take a browse through my postings and hope the results inspire you to get creating!

Notebook for Haiku Poetry

I thought it was about time I did another notebook.  As in earlier postings, I’ve made a variety of different notebooks including a spiral notebook, a dual reversible notebook, stitched notebooks, felted notebooks and mini ones.  Some of these were offered in my free giveaway.  It was British Chick who was lucky enough to win and she chose my stitched bird with textured leaves.



The notebook giveaway from earlier this year.

I’ve also made a couple of simple little booklets as part of the Be Creative Weekend
to record some of the prompts provided during the weekend. image

Today, I wanted to create a simple notebook that comes complete with a little pocket on the front to add a photograph, picture, or a title (which could be changed) or even a prompt.  The idea was to make one that was small enough to carry in my handbag or coat pocket, so that when the inspiration for a haiku appeared, I could jot down my ideas or the haiku itself.  I also wanted to be able to keep my haikus together in one little book.  As haikus are only three lines long, I should be able to fit quite a few in this notebook 🙂




The Humble Envelope – Project 3


28/02/2014. Teabag folded shaker card

Many envelopes that come through the mail box tend to be either junk mail or business mail.  For this project I used an address window from an envelope with a green inner.

First I cut out the window and backing to the size I wanted.  This was going to be my ‘shaker’.  I left the folded edge intact or hinged.  I glued three sides of the hinged window onto a green card, leaving the top edge open put my shaker objects inside.

The remaining part of the envelope was then cut into 2 cm squares.  Teabag folding is rather like miniature origami and great for using up scraps of paper or recycling bits of magazines, newspapers or card.

One square was folded in half, opened out and then repeated in the other direction before being opened out again.  I then folded the square diagonally both ways from corner to corner.  Returning it to a triangular shape and pushing the corners inwards, I formed a central kite shape.  Linking seven of these folded squares together creates a rosette.

For the shaker objects, I wanted something a bit ‘weightier’ than paper, so cut a series of flowers out of pink fabric, glued them to left over envelope and gave each flower a felted middle.  You could use beads or punched shapes, even dry rice.  I opted for small beads so that the card makes a lovely sound when shaken.


Here is an alternative rosette made from 6 squares.


Dandelion part 2 project 27/02/2014

I had great fun with sketching and constructing this dual image card. After finding a Christmas card I’d made several years ago on top of my wardrobe along with birth congratulation cards, I set to work on some dandelions, including adapting the one on my blog that you can view in its original form under poetry – a black and white image. By tipping the image away from you or viewing it from above will determine whether you see the dandelion seed head or the yellow flower. image

imageCraft 27/02/2014
Dual picture concertina dandelions copyright by Squarebird, Somerset


Copyright 2014 J.W all rights reserved
Copyright 2014 J.W all rights reserved

imageDandelion clock copyright J. W all rights reserved Feb 2014

The Humble Envelope Project 2


Craft 55/365. Ever looked in the inside of an envelope? Actually studied it after you’ve retrieved the envelope contents: a love letter, a greeting card, a bill?


this following project is made from the patterned strips found on the inside of some envelopes.  My favourite, not pictured here was of some tiny red squirrels.  I’ve used them now, but because I haven’t seen them since, it proves that they are rare!


I will update this page as the day progresses, so that you can see the finished project…


Here is the finished project – an original Iris folded greeting card made out of the decorative inner part of envelopes. I designed the Japanese girl by playing around with different sized squares and then drew the finished pattern onto some tracing paper. I then cut out the hair part if the girl which I wanted to use to showcase the folded papers. I suppose, in hindsight, I could have based this on the upper shape of a Russian doll (now, there’s another idea in the making!).
The fan was made separately, again using folded inner parts of envelopes. I cut the envelopes into similar sized strips and then folded these in half lengthwise. The strips were then positioned to form the shape of the fan with each piece joining at its perspective point or vanishing point at the centre. If anyone would like the iris folded pattern, please comment below the blog and I will email it to you 🙂
There will be a third and final envelope project later this week … Why don’t you come back and visit my blog again soon and check it out?