Daily Post photo challenge : motion



This was taken while at a vintage fair. I was drawn to the dancer’s dress as she spun around and this made me want to dance too; we were transported back in time :-). While music blarred out and feet stomped, punters popped inside to explore the vast selection of wares from 50s clothing to remnants of lace and waxed flowers being entwined on wire for bridal headdresses.


Walk Right In … Daily Post Photo Challenge ‘Room’

This is the result of the prompt from Daily Post’s photo challenge ‘Room’.


There’s always something intriguing about a closed door or one which has a sign on the front.  We have a community hall where the conveniences have quotes written on the doors and walls such as ‘Dance as if no one is watching’ and ‘Sing as if no one is watching.’  I bought a sign which simply says ‘office’ on it (which leads into the music room) and my bedroom has a ceramic sign saying ‘Studio’ on it!  So, if you were heading into this room with the sign, ‘Walk right in and clap if you believe in fairies’, would you?


Photo Challenge – Spring

The Daily Post set up a photo challenge on what spring means to you/me.  For me, it is not just the sun shining, but the various shades of green appearing along verges out in the countryside and the bloom of wisteria on the fronts of pretty houses.  My husband and I took a drive through the countryside and saw this gorgeous wisteria while on the way to a lavender farm.  The lavender fields haven’t changed colour yet to the fabulous purple, but we were able to sample a couple of lavender scones with our tea and purchase some sugared lavender to make some of our own.





Photo Challenge … Letters


Here is my response to the prompt ‘Letters’ set by the Daily Post.  I was intrigued by the large billboards defining terms and phrases that we say and think to mean one thing, without considering the origins: in this case, pipe down – an expression known to many as ‘be quiet’, ‘shut up’ or ‘tone it down a bit!’