Nano update

Well, it’s day 17 of the National Novel Writing Month where there challenge continues – to write a draft novel in 30 days – the month of November.  To keep up the pace, the task is to try and write more than 1667 words a day for the whole month.  I was, I admit feeling I’d run out of steam yesterday as I needed sleep and took a break, but then new life hit the story today and before I knew it, I’d written way more than the minimum word count!  I’m finding the characters are beginning to set the scene and take over; they’ve become more than two dimensional and they have a purpose.  There’s already been a death and an underground explosion in the subterranean world built out of metal cogs.  Of course, it’s a rough draft, but I became excited by what was happening tonight as the characters are acting how they want to act.  Oh, and I went with the name Damascus in the end.  Someone on Facebook made me chuckle by suggesting I went with Damascus ‘brother to Remington’! when I called for suggestions on which name to go with out of a selection of five (Tyvek, Damascus Steel, Yew, MEK, or Glass). I  had various reasons for choosing these five.   The name Yew would have been interesting, depending on whether my potential novel was going to be read aloud or not as you have yew, you (singular), you (plural) all sounding the same, and yew relates to the tree which is used to make bowls, medicine and weapons. MEK referred to the chemical solvent methyl ethyl ketone (used in printing inks).  Glass on the other hand can be smoked, hammered, clear, etched, melted, monoprinting traditionally was done on glass sheets when I was studying printing at college) and Tyvek can be printed on (and notoriously difficult to control on a printing press) and so strong that it can’t be ripped.

Now I’ve reached 26,200 words (still a long way to go for that 50,000 mark), I have a deliberately unnamed character.  His anonymity is paramount for the safety of the rest of the characters.  So, for all you budding writers out there, is it absolutely necessary (in your opinion) to name every character in story?  What do you think?


Help required in choosing a character name…would you like to help?


It’s nearing midnight and I’m suffering from a winter cold.  This evening I worked overtime, finishing at 7.30 and then had to wait around until 9pm for my daughter to arrive by train.  Yay!  She’s staying for the weekend 🙂

I’m in the middle of preparing something extra special for the weekend – a couple of step-by-step tutorials, so please be patient lovely people and forgive me for not posting a craft project, sketch or print today.  There are only so many hours in the day and today just wasn’t long enough!

I’ve managed my National Novel Writing Month word count today and I’m now on the 10,249 word mark at day 6.  With a minimum of 50,000 words to write in 30 days, I’m glad I’m keeping up.  So fellow bloggers, I have a question to ask you and hope you can help- for a bit of fun and to help me decide on a name.  Which would you pick out of the following as a futuristic character name? If you can provide me with a reason for your choice, that would be great 🙂  For example, Tyvek is waterproof (this could therefore provide my character with a special power if he/she had that name) My novel is Dystopian and set in the future (obviously ;))





Damascus Steel