Hare print from a Big Mistakes Eraser

I bought a ‘Big Mistakes’ eraser a while back and have been wondering for ages what to draw on it so that I could do some carving.  

I guess I’m going through a bit of a ‘hare and rabbit obsession’ lately, what with buying a baby dwarf rabbit and watching her binkie around the living room; watching her ears twitch and turn as she listens out for unfamiliar noises.  They sure are fascinating creatures.  

Yesterday, the family went to a wooded estate where deer were enjoying the sunshine and shade.  I could have decided on a deer for my print – maybe next time!

So out came the pencil and I sketched a hare, then taking the smallest cutting took from my lino cutters,  I carved away the layers of rubber to reveal my hare.  I have a rainbow ink pad and used this to take some first impression prints.  This was the third impression:



Covering curtain rings to make buttons

After exploring the museum at Shaftesbury at the top of Gold Hill, I thought I’d attempt to stitch a button. There were many tiny hand stitched buttons on display where the stitcher had used white or cream thread. The stitches were delicate and finely done to adorn pretty garments of the era.

I had some brass curtain rings in a drawer, so I started with one of these. I used some rainbow thread that I’d bought a while ago from a quilting store as I wanted it to be colourful, but also would cover the brass adequately.

I’m quite pleased with the results and have started a second one. The first was added to a birthday card I made for a work colleague.




Rainbow Postcard and ATCs from the Be Creative Weekend

As part of the Be Creative Weekend on Facebook, we were given the prompt ‘Rainbow’ and so I designed a postcard for my recipient using acrylic paint, coloured varnish, felt, straws, ink and watercolour. I squeezed a blob of paint from each paint tube down one side of the card and added a small amount of water, then blew down a straw to produce the effects shown in the picture. I love quotes which carry an interesting motto or thought-provoking ideas and used one to finish my card off as well as adding short pieces of straw to create a 3D postcard.

The quote I used was adapted slightly from http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/rainbow.html

‘Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud’ – Maya Angelou


I’ll update this page with the ATC I made, once the recipient has received it.

Stitched rainbow tree of life

With this stitching post comes a little reminder that the March free giveaway ends Sunday 9th March midnight.  Allowance will be made to cover different time zones.  I will draw the winner on Tuesday 11th March and announce this on my blog.  Please comment on my blog or Facebook which key ring or pendant you would like to win.

Reminder of the choices – this image shows the biscuits at the wood burning stage before colour is added:




Jammy Dodger

Swirly Biscuit

Iced Party Ring

each one is individually pyrographed, so they won’t be identical and colours may vary.  If you have a preference for colour ie. for the party ring, please state this in your comment when entering.  Thanks to those who have already entered on this WordPress blog and those on Facebook! Don’t miss out – enter now!

I will post some more pictures of the biscuits (with their keyrings and chains) tomorrow … also you can look forward to seeing me unveil my latest edition to the biscuit range 🙂

So, back to the stitching.  I love trees and some are beginning to show signs of blossom, but before they do appear in any of my drawings, this one is to say farewell to winter and the gloom of torrential rain with a symbol that brightens any grey sky: an array of rainbow colours, which is about to find its way onto the cover of my next handmade notebook.