Writer badges

Hi all 🙂

I’m so excited! My twelve-year-old has just finished writing her first novel and when I asked her how long it is she replied, “47 chapters”. I mentioned in an earlier post that she was busy writing one, while I was taking part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) last month. I haven’t been allowed to read it as she wanted to show it to me when she’d finished it. So last night inspired me to get out the frosty shrink plastic and I made us a pair of a typewriter badges! First I sketched out typewriter using my stencil I made a few weeks ago as a reference:

I majorly shrunk it down to fit a circle of shrink plastic measuring 8cm across. Once I was content with the black image on the frosty plastic, I baked it in the oven under 175 degrees until it shrank to the size of a ten pence piece. Next, I found some glitter glaze and painted on the reverse before adding a brooch pin to the backs. There’s enough space on the typewriter paper to write her name using a permanent marker (particularly as she has an unusual name spelling).
Cute don’t you think?



Retro poem

Testimony to the typewriter:
You remember the click-clack
Postponing silence until the final key –
Every one an aggressive thump but …
Will you go wrong?
Rush for the Tippex
Irritated now by carbon-copy errors
Touch-typed, over typed, plain faded text
Erased as unfit for purpose:
Remember… be professional!