Hare today …

It’s been a busy day buying paint pot number three for my son’s bedroom. As you may remember, the first 5 litres of pancake mix coloured paint ended up in the footwell of my car and took more than three hours to clear up. The second pot we purchased was doubly wrapped by DH in plastic (witnessed by myself and my daughter). We bought this time andgrey. It went on as if I were painting a chalk board and I can only imagine my son’s comments. I hated it. Not only was the colour too dark, it was also too matt. Can you get too matt? I tried the grey. It went on like pancake mix … Too thin. I moved out from my son’s room and looked at the landing and stairs. Hmmm. Could work as undercoat! That’s where the grey went. He did tell me he didn’t want grey walls anyway. Nor blue actually (but he is getting one blue wall behind his desk).
So today, we headed over to yet another DIY store and found rectangular paint tubs which stack neatly together. We opted for a blue called … Sky and a cream. Better. Thicker. Silk. One wall is now painted, the rest will have to wait until the morning.

Hare today … I did a quick ten minute sketch in biro of a hare in my journal then had a go at the autumn journal prompt.


Today’s word prompt was ‘GUM’. There are loads of connotations for that. I considered taking a photo of the pavements in town littered with chewed gum marks. I could have considered the gummed edge of envelopes as I prepare the envelope book tutorial. I could even have tried to write around the subject of gum trees. Instead, I thought about our family favourite movie, The Night at the Museum. The late Robin Williams was an amazing actor and we were saddened when he passes away not that long ago. I also saw in the news this week that his daughter had just had a tattoo done – a tiny humming bird along the edge of her thumb. So, I’m not sure whether it was those things that drew me back to the movie when I saw the word
GUM this morning or because we’ve watched it so many times. Anyway, the stone statue who asks for gum from the security guard when everything comes to life at night provided me with the inspiration to create a print. Here is my result for gum: