Zentangled mini squirrel

2″x3″ doodle on a marble print – my doodles are done as part of a happy mail process.  This little guy is off to Spain shortly 🙂 image


Painting with natural dyes from the garden and fridge

I’ve had tremendous fun this weekend pulling dandelions up; peeling onions; boiling cabbage; mashing raspberries, blueberries and strawberries in aid of making some homemade dyes in the kitchen.

There were a few surprises with the colours and so I used the selection from pots, jam jars and saucepans to paint my star model, Nikon 🙂





Tomorrow, I will show you some monoprinting I’ve also been doing this weekend, but for now I will say goodnight as it’s late in the UK 🙂

Pin bird


Craft 30/365

Pin bird and reverse ink sketch

fifteen minute sketch inspired me into stabbing the outline with a sewing needle so that the picture can be viewing in colour (orange and black) or through dots against white.  Join the dots and make your own quick sketch!  You know you want to!