Printing with sweetcorn

OK, I’ve tried printing with apples, peppers, leaves, buttons, feathers and various garage paraphernalia such as nails, washers, wire mesh and even cutlery, so why not corn on the cob?

The great thing about printing with corn on the cob is that it acts and feels like a textured rolling pin! Rolling it over the paint in the gelliplate pushes the paint away from the plate and onto the cob, leaving a lighter coloured pattern against the darker background. I like this texture almost as much as bubblewrap impressions and it’s made me look at the grocery store in a whole new light!

This is the impressions made without any added embellishments, stencils or further textures.

This is the sort of effect you can achieve by adding simple spirals and different layers of colour.



Pepper foam stamps

This was interesting: carve into a foam cube and hope it looks like something once ink has been applied!
I chose to do a set of peppers. One whole one; one cut in half plus some chilli peppers. On another side I also sketched out some peppers growing among leaves, but for now this seems a bit complicated to cut out with the tool I have available.

Will share some more pictures tomorrow, but before I say goodnight, how about this for making prints

My daughter didn’t seem all that impressed when I asked if I could borrow her shoes to do some prints of the sole!

This imprint was spotted this morning on my driveway after a frosty start. I think it would be a bit excessive to remove a car tyre just to make a Gelli print. What do you think?

Air dry clay texturing stamps

Apart from dodging in and out between the storms from hurricane Bertha, I’ve been going around the house in search of textures to make my own clay stamps for crayon rubbings, printing and to even use back in the clay.

I noticed bottles have many different ridges and curves, bobbles and patterns. Also, nowadays you can find all sorts of textured papers that card makers enjoy using or scrap book enthusiasts chop up and embellish their pages with.

So, today is just a brief posting, but you can see other things I’ve done today on with lino and gelliplates. This coming week I am working on a drawing completely in dots…very tiny dots…at my son’s request. He wants a picture to take to uni and hang on his wall. As these drawings take longer than a day, I’ll post it when it’s finished or near completion!







Postcard swap – Be Creative February 2014


Not long ago, in fact last weekend, I took part in a Be Creative Weekend with other very creative people.  Prompts throughout the weekend were set up by another blogger and these arrived throughout the weekend.  I posted some of the results on an earlier blog page.  There were a few prompts that caused the group to giggle or hide their heads with embarrassment – one was to look in a mirror and draw with your non dominant hand.  In my case, this was my left hand.  We also were prompted to draw a shoe using something we don’t normally draw with and I opted for crayon, although I was tempted to get the chopsticks out!

As the weekend progressed, we began to construct our postcards for a swap with others.  I began to collage mine using various strips of tissue paper and Decopatch papers along with fine threads and wool. The three postcards were then covered entirely with PVA glue to keep them waterproof and text was added.  I did a combination of famous quotes about invention to writing my own poem.


Here are the postcards I produced and sent off:Image




the poem reads:

a tangle of rivers, tributaries and streams link arms

unite as one, building
into a torrent of enthusiasm

gathering energy
when each touches

and teamwork begins.

A sea of life: where forces unite

and where peace’s found –

on the lake by the sun.


I received a comment by one of the group saying that my postcards looked like ‘little maps’.  Now I’ve looked closely again at them, I think she’s right.  A map of rivers?  A beach and sea contents labelled like you see in children’s geography text books?  Whatever the collages look like, it was a fun experience joining in.


The swap – I visited a new post office and I have to admit, I have NEVER seen a post office clerk spend so long and take such care sticking the stamps on postcards.  I asked for special stamps and was given a choice of two depicting horses.  I also posted off the Iris Folding card I made earlier.

These were the ones I received in the post … (I heard someone knock on the door and these postcards were handed to me, rather than pushed through the mailbox!  The postman seemed reluctant to hand over!) – the top one was done on hand-dyed papers and there were quotes from Pablo Picasso and one written in gold pen, so you could only read it if you tipped the card in certain directions.  Every one of the postcards people in the Be Creative group have made are all so unique and have raised a smile across the world.  There will be another Be Creative Weekend coming up soon.


If you are interested in taking part, please visit Be Creative at
And another special ‘surprise’ arrived today complete with circular stamp…