A few more of my 39 squares … A flamingo … And a French oral exam!

A few more squares completed today :). Now back to the commission work for a bit! 


The letter B was fun to do … I sketched a few flamingos until I came up with this design
The R and D needed to link somehow, so I chose to create a peacock with its bright feathers to sit next to the rainbow zebra and two purple cheeky birds looking back at the sand timer!
Cute don’t you think?
Finally for this evening, I opted to stitch a retro cassette tape. I remember taking my French exam and having to have it recorded on a cassette. My examiner introduced me using the wrong name – quite flattering really as it was the name of a much loved children’s author – and it was recording! I quickly corrected her in French so that whoever had to moderate gave the marks to the right person!


Patchwork Cushion Project

Apart from a spot of decorating, I’ve been patchworking a cushion – dogs and spots 🙂 I thought you’d all be much more interested in seeing a pic of this than a photograph of my cupboard under the stairs!  You may recognise the block pattern formation from the patchwork chicken I made using the template over on http://grannymaudsgirl.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/chicken-run


Also, like any rummaging around in the loft, a cellar or an cupboard under the stairs, there are goodies to be found, including two sewing machines (one a Singer that is hand operated and no electric; the other is a Hereward). Here are a couple of images of the Singer:

They were pretty heavy – I had to drag one out rather than lift it – but as far as I’m aware, just need a little oil and they will be ready to use.

To celebrate the findings, I wrote a haiku 🙂

Hereward and Singer
set free from depths beneath treads:
two spring cleaned gems found!

3-2-1 … Cross stitchers, embroiderers, sewing enthusiasts!

I bought my 321 DMC thread and some 14 count white aida today to take part in the project shared on the following blog link:  



Maybe you will also be inspired to have a go after reading about it 😀

To take part in a permanent exhibition in a textile museum in France, you need to stitch a letter of the alphabet using DMC 321 thread (that’s red embroidery thread)and send it to them before May 12th … So I’ve made a start by finding a cross stitch alphabet that I like.

And the winner is …

You’re intrigued now, aren’t you? In a moment, I’ll announce the winner, but before that you might like to click on the link, which shows you what the prize is (but as mentioned in an earlier post, there will be a mystery gift on its way too!).


I used a random number generator to help me pick a winner for the spiral foxy notebook, so I gave each entry a number in the order that they commented and then added information into the randomiser.  


1 – Quiltykanuck

2 – Wendy Jordan


3 – http://fallfromgrace349.wordpress.com

4 –

5 –
Carol Iles

6 –

7 – Margaret Horton





So number 5 aka Carol Iles please contact me at squarebird44@yahoo.com to organise receiving your prize. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing your own spiral notebook creation soon 😀
Thank you to everyone who entered! Another contest freebie will be coming up soon and that’s to win one of my 9cm teddy bears, so you may like to enter that. Please note that even if you have won something off me in the past, that does not exempt you from entering other giveaways on my blog (as the randomiser … Is random!) Good luck 🙂

Notebook Prize Giveaway … The winner gets her prize!

Remember the notebook free giveaway I set up on my blog?  Well, I’m delighted to report that the winner, British Chick has now received her prize and you can read all about it on her blog at http://britishchickacrossthepond.wordpress.com/2014/02/24/small-packages-not-always-disappointing/

I know the notebook has gone to a good home, but for those who entered and didn’t win this time, I will be running another contest in March that you are welcome to enter! Details will be posted up soon, so keep checking back for updates 🙂20140129-193317.jpg

Beowulf and The Pied Piper

Craft Day 1/365
Hubby’s just made me a prop for school where I will be teaching Beowulf along with other myths and legends. He drew out the shape on some ply after a bit of research on the shape, then cut it out. He left the decorating for me to do!
I have painted the Viking broadsword using metallic paint for the font to add a bit of shine to it in the light and outlined some of the lettering with ink. I particularly like celtic patterns or those which interlock. One day I hope to have a go at silver jewellery making. The first piece of jewellery I designed was when my first baby was born and I wanted her to have a keepsake for when she grew up. Although I designed it, I commissioned a jewellery maker from famous Glastonbury in the UK to make it.
Regarding my class, all about the age of 12/13, they were thrilled that we were going to create a wall display of our work on myths and legends. After the focus on Beowulf, we moved onto The Pied Piper and the children’s task was to then write their own epic poem. My youngest daughter is always inspired by the ideas I plan for my lessons and wanted to take part even though she’s younger and attends a different school. She drew me a picture for a slide on The Pied Piper, having already studied it at school!